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Relieve pain, treat injury, improve chronic conditions with medical ozone.

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What is Medical Ozone?

Medical Ozone is known to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-microbial properties. It has a natural antioxidant affect.


Medical ozone delivers super enriched oxygen to the cells of the body helping them to function better. This may be by reducing inflammation or fighting infection, which helps the body to heal or repair itself.

This means it helps reduce pain and discomfort and repairs damaged tissue.

Uses for Medical Ozone

Medical Ozone has helped thousands of people around the globe with a multitude of health problems. Ozone can be helpful for many medical conditions, disease, pain, illness or injury. It can also be used to promote general health and overall well being.


If you suffer from any pain or problem just let us know and we can discuss the best Ozone treatment for you.

The most common uses include:

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Ozone therapy can reduce the inflammation that causes pain and joint discomfort, and the inflammation around nerves.

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Respiratory and
Circulatory Conditions

Those with respiratory conditions, including asthma and long covid, have found improvements with Ozone therapy.

Diabetes Self Management Program


Ozone therapy has shown promising results in the treatment of diabetes. Ozone improves oxygen delivery to the tissues, resulting in improved circulation and helps in reducing insulin resistance by correcting oxidative stress.

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Joint Pain

Suitable for those with arthritis, joint trauma or general joint pain. Ozone targets the inflammation that causes pain and joint discomfort,

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General Wellness

Ozone promotes overally wellness by fighting bacteria and improving cellular function.

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Sports Injury

Ozone therapy can reduce the inflammation which causes pain following injury or trauma, and promotes healing and recovery at a cellular level.

Benefits and Outcomes
Health and Well Being

It is true that Ozone treats a wide range of conditions, however, you don’t have to be unwell to benefit from receiving this treatment.


Ozone will flood your body's cells with super enriched oxygen, tackling any micro-organisms and damaged cells along the way, which can keep illness at bay rather than treat it after becoming unwell.

Ozone stimulates your bodies own natural defense system, the immune system, by identifying unwelcome cells, such as bacteria and viruses, targeting them and producing an immune response similar to that seen with modern vaccinations.

A regular Major Autohemotherapy (MAHT) treatment of Ozone will help your body to help you stay healthy. 

Our Services

Ozone therapy can be administered in a range of different method to treat target areas or promote healing throughout the body. Our expert clinicians will help you determine the right Ozone treatment for you. 


Ozone Injection

Medical Ozone right where you need it; injected directly into the site of injury or pain for targeted recovery and pain relief.

Ozone injections work best for joint pain such as arthritis, tennis elbow, repetitive strain injury (RSI) and knee, hip and shoulder pain.

Prices from £65.00


Major Autohemotherapy

MAHT is the most common method of Medical Ozone Therapy. Blood is withdrawn, infused with supercharged oxygen and returned to the body. This treatment targets the whole body at a cellular level.

Infusion works best for whole treatment, such as cancer, fibromyalgia, diabetes, inflammatory and circulatory conditions.

Prices from £125.00


UVBI Therapy

 Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy. A combined treatment of Ozone Therapy and Ultra Violet light therapy. This treatment is appropriate for those who have new and ongoing infection.


Prices from £175.00

The Science
How does Medical Ozone work?

Medical Ozone carries increased oxygen to the cells to allow them to respond and work better.

  • Reduces inflammation at cellular level

  • Improves tissue repair

  • Enhance immune response

  • Fights infection

  • Kills bacteria, viruses, parasites and funghi

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I have been treated for cancer since 2017. After gruelling chemo and radiotherapy I began ozone therapy.

There is no doubt in my mind that this treatment  it is helping me stay physically strong, reduces fatigue and is contributing to my well being.

Karen B.

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