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Lymphoedema is a condition caused but a failure of the lymphatic system, it results in a swelling of the limbs or other area of the body.

It can be present from birth, develop during puberty or have a secondary cause such as surgery, injury or trauma.

Our Lymphoedema Background

Our clinicians have a strong background in treating lymphoedma, training lymphatic drainage therapists and in managing lymphoedema clinics. 

Jane Wigg is recognised as a leading figure in lymphoedema research and training and has worked passionately in the field for over 25 years. Jane advocates for awareness and high treatment standards.


Jane runs one of the leading training academies in the UK, and globally, for lymphoedma therapists:

To provide the best possible lymphoedma treatment to patients, Jane opened a private Lymphoedema service in  2016, bringing the most innovative procedures and highest standards of treatments to lymphodema patients in the UK:

Ozone and Lymphoedema

With a background of over 25 years in Lymphoedema you may wonder what brings us to now providing Ozone Therapy?

Initial research has shown great results in using Ozone injections as a treatment for lymphoedema. this works because Ozone fights infections and encourages cellular regeneration, two things which are crucial in treating Lymphoedema and its symptoms. Ozone has also shown to improve healing and tissue repair in wounds and skin disorders, both of which can affect our lymphoedema patients who can benefit from Ozone therapy.

Find out more about how Ozone could help you:

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